About Us

Our Mission

The Next 24 mission is to assist one's personal journey in recovery by implementing healthy life skills, assisting one's journey with God, while teaching the concept of living in the moment, being of service to others and always focusing on a solution.

We Exist

To assist and educate all who struggle with addictive agents, which brings disturbance and negative consequences in their lives (chemical, biological, and behavioral). Our goal is to creatively reach our community and help people live better lives through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. To strive for the continued education in the field of addiction and offer the cutting edge resource center for assistance in life change.

The mission of The Next 24 is to fulfill our vision by creating strength and self worth in those that are struggling; that they have the courage to change. That is a gift from God. Assist them in a treatment plan while helping them with acceptance and wisdom to make the right choices in the future.


Our Ethos

In recovery living in the moment keeps one’s mind from projecting the outcome of the future. It protects us from guilt and remorse of the past. Learning to live in the 24 hours that God presents us every morning is the key. How are you going to live your next 24 hours?

Meet Our Team

Michael Kirk
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Michael Kirk

Recovery Pastor
Fred Bloggs
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GloriAnna Kirk

Women's Director
Fred Bloggs
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Chris Heggen

Men's Director